Posted by Miranda August 13, 2012 is set to release a new sculpt of KAW's best known and most loved figure, The Companion. This new version of the iconic figure is in a reclining position, and I think I actually prefer to it the original standing version (sacrilegious i know!). The release will be first available as a lucky draw, with tickets being available from 9am on Friday August 31st at the OriginalFake store in Aoyama, Tokyo. Releasing such a sort after figure in such an exclusive way is definitely going to upset some fans (me included), and I can only image what this will do to the price of them on the secondary market. 

So far only the original colorway has been announced, but I can pretty much guarantee that a grey and a neon will follow. Check out these mocks below that are floating around the interweb: 




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