Posted by Trustpigs October 25, 2012

The previously announced domination of Designer Con 2012 by The Super Sucklord includes "The Super Suck Up!," a tribute in the form of customized Sucklord action figures. Each participating artist has produced 50 copies of their design that'll sell for $100 each. Here we have Bill McMullen's "The Sucklord Sleeps With The Fishes" figure, which recasts the iconic design in a 'cinder block' with his head angled upwards (as if he were underwater).

Participating artists in the show are (links go to our coverage of their contribution, if available): Bill McMullen, Buff Monster, DrilOneDoktor A, Ferg, Frank KozikJason Freeny, L'amour Supreme, Luke Chueh, October Toys, Onell Design, Paul Kaiju, Scott Tolleson, Scott Wilkowski, Skinner and — of course — one by The Sucklord himself.


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