Posted by Miranda April 17, 2007

Check out these bad boys, just brought to my attention by Teese (thanks). Apparently they are first featured here that’s all the info i have.. But i think they are a must have.

Posted by Geoff April 17, 2007

Dear about bizarre.

I love Wilco almost more than any other band, but this even for a fanboy is too much. Gorillaz were an obvious toy because of the art, but drawing some beards and hair on a UniPo?

Maybe some people will dig this, but what a weird collab. Anyone want Qee x Gang of Four? Dunny x Pixies?

Posted by Geoff April 17, 2007

Holy crap...that's just a 3-d render, not a painted prototype. But mmmmm.....another one to add to the "must have" list.

Kathie's Misery Children are beautiful and this, plus Violet coming from Wheaty Wheat (at some point!), things are looking good for fans of her work.

Posted by Geoff April 17, 2007

I meant to post this last week but never got round to it after I went to see 300 over the bank holiday weekend.

I was disappointed - the whole thing seemed like a bit of a cop out. Sure, they stuck to the book, lifted the narration by Dilios on his return and it did what it said on the tin - looked good, violence, blood and OTT action scenes.

But it just didn't sit...


Posted by Geoff April 16, 2007

Ah Neckface - apparently the next Jean-Michel Basquiat. Yes, I know all art is, by its very nature, prescriptive and open to personal interpretation but this guy is hyped beyond all reason.

I've even seen the phrase "saviour of street art" in a fair few articles on him. Or the reference to the "DIY ethic"....the whatnow? He drew it! Himself! I'm blown, really.

Posted by Miranda April 15, 2007

So shakey just brought these to my attention. How amazing are they? Hucks done it again!! These babys are already sold out from Hucks ebay store :( but at $450 i coudn't afford one anyway. Congrats to everyone who did get one though :)

White: Happiness

Black: Talisman against evil/brings good health

Gold: Brings riches.... packed and shipped randomly

Posted by Geoff April 11, 2007

It didn't seem right not having an Easter-related post, however late it is.

Anyway...the Egg Qee - yeah i know, not very Easter... truly one of the most under-rated toys out there. Just having a look around a few sites made me realise what a great piece it is - the blank 8" version is a sublime platform. Seriously...there's space galore for doodles, designs and much more.


Posted by Geoff April 10, 2007

Mickey's a classic - already been reimagined by KAWS obviously and the recent Span of Sunset Runaway Brain (less said about the "clash" version the better). So does the world really need another version? The answer from that pic seems to be: "hell yes!"

Dave Flores' work is beautiful but I thought the KR-released Kon Artis was pretty lame. The two I saw had the worst paint apps I'...


Posted by Miranda April 04, 2007

This is my new Bracelet its rad....



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