Posted by Nick June 06, 2007
Mmmmm... we like shoes, trainers & sneakers. Whatever you wanna call em ;) These are from Adidas + stars + neon = beautiful. Just as long as they don't break after a coupla months like my Tron ones did :(    


Posted by Nick June 06, 2007

Check out the Rotofugi Edition of Erick Scarecrow's Liberty figure. Pink! Kinda thing we woulda done, and it looks great. And while you're buying that check out Ewok's Horselington figure also available from them.

Posted by Geoff June 06, 2007

Dang and double I am thinking i'm gonna be well off this summer with the lack of "killer" releases and wham! there's stuff coming out left, right and centre.

  The latest is Toy Qube's Shark - designed by Keith Poon. I saw the proto sculpt at NYCC and was blown away by it (even after Keith had dropped it and the teeth fell out). It's about 10" high and from these pics,...
Posted by Miranda June 05, 2007

Many of you many have seen these beauties on

Shown above is Mischievous Maeve by CJ Metzger. Standing 8” tall they will be released at SDCC by Kaching Brands.

Shown Below is Dink by Miss Mindy also to be released by Kaching at SDCC.

I think they are both ace figures, and it seems this style of...

Posted by Nick June 05, 2007

Doing the rounds of the blogs i came across this pic on 0709's blog. Some fan pushed Michael to draw him something 'special' on his fig after he'd drawn all the x-large characters (love em or hate em) on his poster already. "You want something special? Here this is special!".

Let this be a warning to everyone. Push an artist too far and...

Posted by Geoff June 05, 2007

Keeping with the sports theme (worrying huh?) I was watching Day Today DVDs last avoid Big Brother...and re-lived the genius that is the early incarnation of Alan Partridge.

His football commentary is hysterical: "The proof is in the pudding and the pudding in this a football. Boof! Eat my goal. The goalie has football pie all over his shirt!"


Posted by Miranda June 04, 2007

I prefer this one... although i think the original is a colour scheme i can roll with.. infact did i design it?? where's me cash??

Posted by Geoff June 04, 2007

Not toy-related but as a resident of our fair capital i'll be seeing (and paying for) this logo for the next 5 years so it's worth a look.

You thinking "they paid an agency £400,000 for that"? Me too. Apparently it's meant to symbolise the 4 pillars of the games and appeal to 'da yoof' but really it looks like a flyer for a techno night in Shoreditch.

I'm a...

Posted by Geoff June 01, 2007

Not something I thought i'd ever write, but I really want a vinyl tree!

A few stores are offering this Damon Soule designed 8" beauty when you buy a case on his latest KR produced inVentsville mini toys. I really like the shape and colours, looks like a mound of sweets! The set itself continues KR's recent excellent mini-series' - the Doma Acid Sweeties a month or so ago, Critter...


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